We are building a new house in NC and we are a bit at odds with the ventilation requirements of the structure. Its a completely foamed house ( Floors walls, and roof deck)with an Infinity Green Speed HP unit. I'm wondering if installing an ERV ( Balanced) is the best route or installing a separate whole house de-hum with a fresh air vent would make more sense? I had thought about the Honeywell logical fan switches for the exhaust portion hooked up to a few bath fans with the whole house dehum. but I'm sure that is not a balanced way of doing it? What are the risks? I have been told the Infinity will do a fine job of dehumidifying the house and to just go with the ERV, but I just dont see it dealing with the hot humid days as well as a dedicated unit. Maybe I can run my air less with just a dehum?

Thanks for the help.