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    Quote Originally Posted by crymtide View Post
    can you say Yellow Pages
    yes i do know yellow pages. i was looking for some that has a good rep and that you guys have use and can recommend.

    As far as doing the work installing the duct work. It should not be a problem i did work for a HVAC company for 6 months some years back. I have a little HVAC back around. I am a FORD trained mechanic and have a EPA 609 certification. I do not have 608. I was just looking for a little help on tonage and duct sizing. I plan on doing a manual J and D. I just need to get the software load cal, to do it.

    Thank you all for your post. Just wanted to clear up some thing.

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    without a solid Manual J we have little idea what your house would need. once you have the manual J finished, you will not need to ask us...
    ditto with Manual D.
    The TRUE highest cost system is the system not installed properly...

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    Do you know the actual square footage of your house?
    I know that we are often surprised on here but I doubt someone would put a 2.5 ton system on a 2600sqft house.

    From the sounds of it, you would save yourself a lot of money if you just called a professional. Being an auto mechanic and 6 months as a laborer for an HVAC company won't even come close to what you need to be aware of.

    Good luck.

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    wouldnt anyone recommend putting in a ductless air. and insulate only a few rooms. that might be cheaper.... thats just my 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby181 View Post
    What is wrong? What can I do to make the ac work right and cool the house it’s been like this for 6yrs?
    1. Call your local HVAC professional.
    2. Evaluate current system
    3. Have them perform Manual J
    4. Manual S
    5. Manual D
    6. Quote for the repair.
    7. Expect to pay for items 2,3,4 & 5.

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    double bricked walls don't offer alot in the way of insulation.
    R-5 would be a generous assumption
    the cellulose in the attic isn't much either.
    average depth of cellulose insulation would provide R-value.

    starting there, your house offers little in the way of therma
    resistance to seasonal requirements.

    then you have the air delivery/flow issues.
    adding more returns hasn't solved the problems.
    nor having two companies evaluate what you have.

    to have the house evaluated for actual insulation values,
    amount of air leakage into the house and duct leakage
    would be a starting point.

    from this information a load calc that reflects these
    verified inputs will determine what size unit your home
    sizing and design would come from that.

    many people chose to fix the house, then size the system
    and ductwork. IMO it is the best way to go, otherwise
    you are addressing the symptoms of the problem but not
    the problem.

    while running ducts seems easy, and is usually left to the
    new hire, or low paid hvac person on the job, to properly size,
    hang and seal the ducts is often not done.
    the average of leakage in new homes is high, in existing homes
    it can be higher. if your system has (just for example) 1200
    cfm of air to deliver, but only 1000 cfm actually makes
    it into the house, you are paying to condition the area where
    the ducts are loacted. unless this is within the conditioned space
    you are wasting money.

    energy raters, and some energy auditors test for both house
    and duct leakage. raters do testing before improvements
    offer suggestions as to how to improve, and test once work/improvements
    have been done. I'm not sure how auditors do their work..that would
    depend on factors that I'm not involved with.

    Resnet is a source for finding indpendent energy raters
    BPI (building performance inst) is an auditors source.
    both will list indpenedents in all areas.

    if you chose the whole house approach this one place to start.

    hvac companies that have comfort inst training are also
    whole house trained. seems there is another training for hvac
    but I can't think of what company it is right now.
    but to make sure that both blower door and duct testing is done
    prior to and afterwards would give you quality control over
    what was achieved.

    best of luck
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