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    I got out of trade school at Bay state tech in Massachusetts in Oct. of 2005. I've been looking for and oppurtunity to get into the HVAC&R game but nobody wants a guy wit little to no field experience. Im a BestBuy in-home appliance service tech... I like the job but this isn't my goal. can somebody out there give me some pointers about getting into the Hvac&R business...Im hungry for knowlege

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    Persistance. Apply for jobs in the field. Expect to start at the bottom and work your way up. Apply, call, and re-visit. When hired, be there, be dedicated and loyal and focus on satisfying customers. After a few years of showing you can be relied on to do quality work and show dedication...the money will come.

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    start calling around your area and don't limit yourself with the travel miles if you can get into a company forget the "LIGHT" commercial/residential....either they do it or not(commercial or residential).the only good thing in the esidential end is tat it is ggod experience in talking to the homeowners and doing the installs to get your feet wet!
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