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    Last week I discovered my condenser fan motor not running and the compressor overheat tripping. My unit is a split system Amana 3 ton unit. I replaced the fan motor and again it did not start but with a quick spin of the blades would run but not start on it's own. I referred to a friend who said in might be the dual run capacitor, so I replaced it. No start. I then used the single run capacitor which my supplier sold me along with the new motor and wired it per motor diagram using brn wire and brn/w wire on the 2 terminal capacitor and connected black and orange to mains and it runs fine. Question- it should run on three wires Brn,blk,orange using dual run capacitor and not need brn/w wire in this system. What else could be wrong?
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    Register as a pro and post in the pros forum and ya might get some help.
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    Originally posted by coolwhip
    Register as a pro and post in the pros forum and ya might get some help.
    Since when is a linen supplies sales rep an HVAC professional?
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    Unfortunately, due to site rules we as members can not discuss technical issues with the general public.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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