i posted in pro commercial also., thanks guys

working on a 20 ton rtu,. i have a honneywell 8000 commercial series t stat with 2 cool and 3 heat option, which i have set up, however the lennox 20 ton has 4 compressors, 5 tons each, no tandem going on here,. also ,. the board ini the machine has leds for showing if heat,cool, cool 2 , heat 2 , heat 3 , fan, ect is on and calling and running, but the led board does not have an led for cir 3 or cir 4 cooling,.
now that u are all on the same page, i am assuming that in the controls in the boards would tell the the other compressors , cir 3 and 4 to come on,

should i try to find a 4 cool thermostat or should i just wire cir 1 with cir 3 with a time delay, and same with cir 2 and cir 4 with the time delay,. i dont want to do this because i am thinking that i SHOULD NOT HAVE TO that the operation should be programmed int the factory controls,.

any lennox COMMERCIAL techs.,
any experience on this
any suggestions?