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    Garage attached to home I assume.
    Room over garage.
    Is house 2 story also?
    How are you accessing the room? From the house or through the garage?
    If only access to that room is through the garage- you probably won't be able to use the existing system.

    I vote mini split, especially for a media room. If you are watching movies- they are very quiet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinknocker service tech View Post
    ok her is something you havent been inforn by your contractors
    when the zone calls you are feeding a 10in supply and doesnt matter how many register you add you will be sized for about 350 to max 400 cfms depending on how long this truck is
    now you ecm blower is set to deliver 1200 cfms or more so when the zone calls the ecm controler will ramp the motor trying to reach the total cfm it is set to deliver and will just keep ramping till it hits its max static pressure and at some point the controller will just wype out
    it will while working make the system sound like a wind tunnel and interfere with listening to tv or have a conversation
    you need a damper control that will drop the compressor to low stage and ramp the blower down to proper cfm for the supply to that room and ramp it back up to max for when both or the larger zone is calling in order for this to work properly
    a bypass will just add to the problem in reverse

    lennox and trane are about the only one i know that have a damper system that will do what i just said. at least that i know of

    do some research before you make a costly mistake
    Thank you for your input.

    The zoning system would use Honeywell control boards. (Another T 8000 thermostat, and a HZ 432 zone control board). There is a Honeywell board of some sort on the furnace for what I assume is controlling the variable speed motor)

    I appreciate your feedback about possible noise, since it is a media room I would like to keep it quiet.

    The room is accessed through the house and it is open to the downstairs. (No door for access to the bonus room. I may add a door later).
    It is over the garage and has a single window that I have covered up with the projection screen.

    At this point after listening to all the feedback and hearing about the many potential problems with the zone system I am strongly leaning towards the Mini-Split.

    Thank you,

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    I know this thread has been dead for over a year, but I thought I would post a follow-up just in case the same question comes up again.

    I ended up going with a mini-split system for my bonus room. Originally I asked the contractor for a Goodman branded unit to match my main Goodman system. I figured the same company could service everything then and it was a bit cheaper. They had to special order the unit and when they pulled it off the truck I saw that it was a 9K BTU cooling only unit rather then a 12K BTU heat pump that I had asked for.

    I think the contractor felt bad for me, or he was just trying to get me off his back (LOL) because he offered to install for me a Mitsubishi inverter driven unit that he had at his warehouse for the same price as the Goodman. So I couldn't pass that up.

    Anyway the point of the story is that it works AWESOME!!!

    It is very quiet (quieter then my projector fan) and the 12K unit has no problems cooling my ~450 sqft space even with the projector and PCs running with several people in the room.

    So Mini-split systems are great and it is so much better then trying to zone my main system. There is a good chunk of the year where I need cooling in the bonus room and heat in the downstairs. It is great to have a dedicated system for each area. The system is so efficient that I haven't noticed a appreciable impact on my utility bills.

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    You can find the rules for posting and qualifications here.

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    thanks for thinking of us as it is nice to hear back how the final solution worked out glad you happy
    Stuff happens

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