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    Trane TAM7, TAM8 Versus 4TEE3F66

    I am purchasing a new 5 ton TRANE AC and was recommended different air handlers by two different companies, but both are match ups to that model, but different technology. The TRANE 4TEE3F66A1000A is tried and true for 9 years. The newer one TAM7AOC60H5ISA has been out a year, but I heard that there has been a lot of complaints. Has anyone heard this or do you have a TAM7 air handler? One company trying to sell me the older model, said that there were so many issues that TRANE came out with a TAM8 model. And the TAM8 model is too new to be recommended because it also may have issues. Is there any truth to this or the stability of any of the air handlers mentioned? Thanks.

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    The TAM8 is just a communicating version of the TAM7. The minor issues for the first gen Hyperion models seem to be resolved. The TAM series features an all aluminum evap coil which on its own is a major improvement over the TWE/TEE series that has been in service for over 20 years.
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    The 4TEE3F air handlers are a discontinued product, so either the one contractor is working off the tail end of the distributors inventory, or is trying to move the last of his own stock.

    He should at least make an effort to learn the actual difference between the TAM7 and TAM8 air handlers, instead of spewing nonsense...

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