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    Keeping debris out of new A/C

    Just had new Carrier Infinity furnace and A/C installed today!

    A/C is installed off the corner of our house, directly underneath a fairly tall pine tree (closest boughs are at least 10' above the unit).

    I'm concerned about the needles that will fall into the unit unless I take some sort of action. Hesitate to even admit my first thought was to wrap some sort of screen around the top... but what are my options?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!


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    Please don't wrap the unit with anything or put anything on top it as these will not allow the system to work properly. The way that I approach this issue is with a Trane XL system as it has a top on it that moves air out all 4 sides and helps to keep things out.

    The carrier system you have is a great system. So don't think that I am saying you need to remove and install a Trane. I am just saying that is one of the design features that I use with Trane. You can after summer put a cover over it but be sure not to use while the cover is on. This is if you don't have duel fuel with a heat pump outside!!!

    I guess the simple answer is this don't worry about it. The unit is designed to be outside and stuff will get in it no matter the make or model. During tune ups you can ask your dealer to remove the top and get the collection of stuff out which they may do already?

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    this is another GREAT reason to have the system cleaned every spring!

    pine needles, oak leaves, acorns, whatever... it all finds it's way into the system. just have it cleaned each year, and no harm will come of it.
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    Thanks so much for the input! I had suspected there wasn't any direct intervention I could take against the eventual leaves, needles, etc. that would get in the unit, but it's very helpful to have it confirmed by the pros.

    Coming to this forum was very helpful in deciding on equipment and general considerations when making this purchase.

    Thanks again.

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    There are tops made for units that open when the unit is running. Your service man can get you one. You still want to have it cleaned and serviced at least once a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lentz View Post
    There are tops made for units that open when the unit is running.
    Really? .. I've never seen one .. Hope the unit is equipped with a manual H.P. switch just in case lol

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    Just a fact of life that when you place a unit in that type of location, that you'll have more cleaning maintenance.

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    only real option for the needles from that tree is to remove the tree
    pine needles are tuff to get out of the coils

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