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    Quote Originally Posted by chewlak View Post
    I believe this should read NAE55xx-0 does not have enough memory to go past rev 4.0.8

    I believe the NAE-55xx-2 was first released with Rev 5.2
    Bingo, thanks
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    Guys I have a Metasys site with one NAE55. The site is at version 4.1 and I want to do a database upload but I cant find the SCT software on the site workstation. I have a laptop with SCT 5.2 can I upload the site database into my laptop? if so how should I do it and also can I then restore the database at a later time if needed?


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    You should be able to connect your laptop to your network and upload the ADS through the SCT. As stated here, I don't think you can re-download the NAE at 4.1 after saving the database under 5.2 on your laptop, but at least you will have a backup of the ADS. If you haven't uploaded or downloaded from SCT yet, there is documentation on the JCI website that provides some of this information on the process. Do some homework first before trying to do this.

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