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    Master cool digital manifold

    I got a set of mastercool digital manifold and when I hook the low side up to the unit it reads no pressure. Is there anyway to reset it or does it need to be sent out for service

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    I'd get a refund if possible, and get something better...
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    MC = Mostly Crap.

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    You guys are so cold! A guy gets a tool that he's excited about and you let him know what a mistake he made. Oh, wait a minute... He turned it on and it wasn't working, and then he came here and posted about it. Ok, your not cold, just truthful.

    To the original poster- Is it new or used? Hopefully new, so you can get an exchange. Does anyone know how mastercool is with warranty?
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    As soon as you pass the first stop light leaving the supply house,the warranty ends!

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