I am working on my folks computer and have run accross a very strange problem.

They have a camera which I installed so that they are able to copy pics and video files from the camera to the pc.

For some reason, video taken from the camera plays on the computer with all sorts of funky color problems. The sound on it is fine, but everything in the video playback is purple, pink and all kinds of wacky colors.

Now, when I go to a web site and play a video file, it plays and looks just fine. But when I play an uploaded video, it looks like this.

I uploaded the video onto my laptop computer, and it plays just fine. Then, I sent a video through instant messenger from my pc to my folks' pc. The video playback on their pc played crappy.

I am playing the video files through windows media player, however, they have real player and power DVD and the video plays crappy through both of these players too.

Any ideas on what I can do to solve this? the pc and programs are all completely updated.