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    In the classroom...
    Spoke with R12rules today...

    ...he had just admitted his wife
    into hospital...

    ...she was having chest pains and
    is now being monitored...

    ...he says OK to post request for

    ...he had just this week returned
    from working out of town because
    of concern for his wife...

    Thanks, HVAC-Talkers!

    Prof. Koldenhott
    HVAC Instructor

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    When it rains it pours, here a good guy going through a rash of bad times. I was told thing happen for a reason and eventually things will get better for him and his family. My prayers are with them.

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    It's not her heart, the good doctor told us.

    O want to thank you all for your kind words as well as your prayers.

    They did the xray, ekg, blood work, etc. "it's not her heart", he said.
    So tomorrow, (Friday), we see her GP in town here. He's undoubtly order some tests to be ran. And we'll learn more then.

    On a scale of one to ten, her pain level was a NINE! So we asked the doctor how we'd know in the future if she might be having a heart attack.
    He said he didnt know.

    Susan has a condition known as "Fibromyalgia". It can deposit pains all over the body, at random. kind of like "ghost spasms".
    He said this chest pain may be related to the fibro.

    So he released her to go home.

    Even though I feel like I have been drug thru a know hole and turned inside out ... I am so glad I was here and didnt have to hear about this attack over the telephone.

    Last week I left maybe the best carreer position I ever had.
    It was easily one of the top three companies I have ever worked for.

    I hated to leave. But my wife wasnt in a position to wait for me to get her and Michael relocated over there.

    Ya know, I really believed I had it figured out that we were supposed to move there and be near her parents and other family members.

    Gosh, Luisianna was beautiful. I loved driving those back roads.
    I looked forward to the road trips, in state and out of state.
    I loved just about everything about being over there. Save for the seperation from my imediate family. That was the difficult part.

    She's resting quietly now. I am sure thankful for that.

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    I wish you some good news for tomorrow!

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    You are blessed

    Good luck Bob.....
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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    Thanks y'all

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    Hope you get good news tomorrow. Will pray for you and your family.
    Be safe not fast. body parts don't grow back

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    R12 I have had Fibromyalgia since 1989 after a truck accident. It is a very painfull thing to have. Has your wife had or is having any physical or mental stress. It affects women more often that men. My sister also has it. She was having an operation several years ago which put severe stress on her. I thought I was having a heart attack about 10 years ago and it turned out to be the Fibromyalgia causing the lining of my chest to swell and put pressure on my heart. People with this do not sleep very well and if you try staying in bed you can't walk. I have tried about every drug that is known to man and the only thing that helps me is tylenol #3 and just plain getting on with it.The weather will affect her very badly, the temperature changes are the worst. She needs to find a Fibromyalgia support group somewhere in your area to get the help that she needs. The medical community have tried to brush this condition off as being in ones head for many years but there are some now that know that it is a physical condition. It is a disease that left untreated will cause unbelievable suffering physically and mentally.

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    Good luck R-12, prayers for the family.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Good luck with your Wife. Hope everything works out.

    Take care of your family first, Your job second.

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    I hope you have good news today. My prayers are with you and your family!!


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    Good luck Bob, I really hope things improve.
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