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    If you get a refrigerant burn, I was told to cover it with clean mineral refrigeration oil. Anyone else hear of this?

    Also in the olden days when we came to work hung over like a s.o.b. we used to inhale oxygen from the tank to get some relief. It worked.

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    Well it blistered up

    I punctured the blister and drained it. The next day I peeled off the damaged flesh. Then let nature take its course. I thought using pure oxygen would speed things up and make the skin crack open leading to more pain and problems. I think you can count on a minor flesh burn to take 14 days to heal. Now beencool, what about O2 for a hangover? Thats a new one on me? Sounds right though.

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    I hate burns - they are the worst!

    Hopefully Doc gave you a scrip for some Silvadane cream (may not be the correct spelling).
    It speeds healing a ton and is very soothing. Lather that stuff on and loosely bandage and you're good to go.

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