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    Trane CGAM-080 VFD Error 12 ILIM Overload

    Trane Literature:
    TR1 VFD Series 2800
    CGAM-080F Aircooled Chiller

    Problem: 2 CGAM chillers with 2 VSD 1A36,1A37 per chiller. Fans never spin and VSD go out on error 12 Current Limit parameter 221 and error 9 inverter overload trip.

    Para 105: Motor Current - 3.2 amp
    Para 221: Current Limit (ILIM) - 100%
    Para 224: Warning High Current(IHIGH) - 4.2 amps

    Test points: VSD starts and immediately throws out error 12 and eventually goes into error 9. Fan never spins. Highest amps reading is 4.2a. Highest Hz is 3.

    I am thinking this is a locked rotor scenario but since both chillers are brand new and all 4 VSD (2 per chiller) run the same error, I am thinking this is a parameter issues(factory setting or installation set).

    After contemplation I have come to the conclusion that I may have either a high brake cut-out hertz (para 138) or low start voltage (para 133) I was no longer on site when I thought of these(hence I may have remembered these numbers wrong) but I think Para 138 was set to 2.2 Hz and Para 133 was set to 20v. If my start voltage is to low my fan wont turn and act like a LRA and if my brake cut out is to high it acts like a LRA.

    Anyone else have an idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by XcelTech View Post
    ...Anyone else have an idea?
    motor is single phasing? i did many start ups of these and the wiring is difficult to get to. double check that the wire is inserted properly and not too far in.

    also, parameter 221 needs to be set to 140% per tranes default settings for a 480 VAC unit.
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