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    We have a new Bryant puron heat pump I caannot get a hold of the company who installed it. (what else is new) It keeps freezing up so as a first step I took the filter out of the large vent in the ceiling and cleaned it with the water hose. I am now ready to put it back in but one side is white the other side is mesh which side goes facing up towards the venting and which side faces my living room also can you put it in damp. The company failed to leave instruction manual and claim they had to order a new one. This is a filter I am supposed to not have to replace but just clean.

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    It there an arrow on the outside of the filter. if so, the point of the arrow should be facing up...
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    If you know the model number of the furnace you may be able to download the manual off the internet.

    Wild guess is the fuzzy part goes down.

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    Mesh part probobly comes first, seems like it would capture the largest particles.

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    mesh goes to the back to reinforce the filter material

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    Plastic mesh down towards room.Wire mesh towards equipment.Wire keeps it from getting sucked in when it gets dirty.Techs right.There is usually an arrow showing air flow direction.

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    New air conditioner and it is freezing?

    How was the condition of the filter when you removed it? How was it charged?

    Call in a contractor to troubleshoot. Checking for correct charge and detecting leaks could be the first step.

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