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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwireeferman View Post
    Why chuck it in the dumpster, if it has warranty, just use it till it breaks and then get another replacement. A test of patience between the seller and buyer. (grin)
    I have no use for an instrument that has to be tested against another instrument every time you use it. Kinda defeats the purpose of having it.

    I believe what I'm going to do is return the replacement to them. They can put it back in the display and sell it to some other unsuspecting fool. If they don't go for that, I'm going to pick it up, walk over to the trash can, drop it in, and walk out.

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    I've had one of those for 6 mo. works decent, but the plastic is sensitive to drops and the nice screen is usually is not very readable because of where i have to clamp it. Very fast read time, can take the suct. temp and liquid temp in 10sec. Battery cover doesn't stay on to well.
    It is a useful tool to have, but you are better off with your Testo 550.
    I use it with my R-22 gauges to get a fast SH and SC

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    Hope its patented,, Im sure fluke will mix it in as an add on clamp for one of there many Products.

    My favorite is 4 in 1,, great site

    I hope these tools r invented by People in the field,, there unique im sure they are.

    Great site wish i had a price

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