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    I would change the plugs first . Then second I would look for loose or burnt wires on the power packs. Look for corrosion on the terminals. If no problems there you need to go to a mechanic to clean your carbs and adjust them. Also is your pump up bulb getting hard might have an air leak on the fuel line.

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    Thanks guys, all great ideas. The two forums were very helpful. I think that I have two problems.
    #1 the carbs definitly need cleaning no mater what. Every fall I run the engine with the fuel line disconnected untill it runs out of gas. I think my mistake ia not adding Extend to the gas tank first and then running the engine. I think my way leaves a small film of gas that turns to varnish over the winter. After the 8 years that I've had the boat, I think that the varnish is finally plugging the jets enough to cause problems. Time for a good cleaning.
    #2 I think that I have an electrical problem some where in the system but I need to rule out a carb problem first. This engine has two power packs and four clyinders. I pulled the plugs out to see whats burning how. The plugs on the left side are a nice coffee brown but the blugs on the right are a off shade of white leading me to think that either they aren't firing all the time and are washing clean, they are very wet and oily, or are running very lean. Which takes me back to the carbs.
    Because it's sooo slowww around here I should have time this week to hang at the cottage a couple extra days this week and drink beer................. OOPS I mean trouble shoot the motor.
    Thanks again for the help.
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    drink a wobbly pop while you mess with the motor - thats what I'd be doing - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Hmm Wally

    Don't rule out that one or more of the thermostats may be stuck in the open position. That would delay warm ups. Roy

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    Make sure to check the superheat and subcooling first. If they seem ok the I would.......oops wrong thread

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