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    i had a question , i finally landed something but its not field work. i landed work in a hvac distribution company in the warehouse, the pay is good but dont want to risk it if i go in the field becuze i got a baby to think about now.. although im glad that im back in the industry but i'd like to to field work though... my question is, what you guys think are my options or any type of advice would help... im going back to school to re-take my 1st class (basic refrigeration) to refresh my memory on charging,pump-down,recovery,e.t.c.........

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    If the distributor your working for offers any training GOTO every class you can,
    Even if you only get one thing out of it was worth your time plus it could lead you to a field job.....

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    I would not recomend going back to school to refresh your memory.
    I would get my hands on someone who would let you tag along during a real service call and have you help them out.

    You will gain more real world knowledge thru experiencing this stuff with your own two hands.

    On the job training is the best.

    Get NormChris's books and figure out what you dont know. Then come here and do your own research into past threads.
    Ask for help locating those topics when you dont find what your looking for.

    Finally, ask questions here in the various forums you are interested in.

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    How does one go about to aquire normchris's books?

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