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    Just scrathing for info..

    I have a Subway shop..That has a big bank of windows on the S/W side..Probably 6ft by 7ft tall.. That the owner ask me today if there was a ceiling mounted (suspended ceiling) 2ft by 4 ft. unit that could be added..(no heat just air)..that could be hung in existing ceiling grid...I told him I had seen Info of ceiling mounted i have never installed any..I have done mini splits wall mounted..If ceiling mounted..where's the return?..and how do they drain....Thanks for any info ....B,

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    yes, in the center, and internal condensate pump respectively.

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    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Just a warning....

    Cassette mini splits are awesome, just not for this application.
    It will get a yeast infection just like every other water containing device in a Subway

    I've seen a Subway with a brand new RTU which had the drain pan and trap clogged by yeast slime in 6 months. At least with the RTU everything is easily accessible for cleaning.

    Another subway tip.... Don't put ice in your drink.

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