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    Why do trane 13 seer systems have a pressure measuring port at evaporator

    Just wondering why they do this on their systems? Is it to to get a more accurate pressure measurement? Do their systems have more pressurse drop across the evap then other manufactureres? Why not measure at the condenser? I have noticed lower pressures on the low side with trane then other with carrier systems

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    I have seen this on a few different brands. I like to put my vac guage on it.

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    Most coils have them now. Its generally for adding a txv

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    It is also used for getting the super heat at the evaporator. Being able to get an accurate superheat for THAT ( mainly non matched systems ) evaporator will tell you if you are starving or flooding it which either way is wasting efficiency. It is also useful in determining suction line restrictions having two pressure references at either end of the suction line. Getting the superheat at the evap coil will give you a more accurate read on how your refrigerant is boiling off or not within that coil where as taking it at the condenser wouldn't necessarily show if it was flooding a bit and boiling off within the suction line, especially so for long line sets.
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