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    Amana has a ten-year warranty on its condenser coil. Does this warranty apply to leaks and other mechanical problems only, or does it also extend to damage from corrosion?

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    The language for coil warranty says they're not responsible for damage caused by a "corrosive atmosphere."

    If the corrosion is caused by a defect, it would be more likely to be covered.

    I don't know how they would decide in your case.

    Here are some Amana contacts:

    Amana Consumer Affairs
    7401 Security Way
    Houston, TX 77040

    Consumer Affairs Representative, 1-877-254-4729.

    To have your question answered via e-mail, contact

    I hope you find an answer soon.
    Terry McIver, executive editor, Contracting Business magazine.

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    Thank you. Are there warranties that cover "corrosive atmosphere" damage for ten years? How about Trane's?

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    No, warranties cover manufacturing defects only. Results from a corrosive atmosphere like a coastal application of deterioration resulting from being next to a paper mill are not covered by any. If you live in a corrosive area, it's just one of those things you learn to live with.

    You can however, extend the life of the new coil by having a properly coated coil installed and keeping it clean.

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    With warranties the big print gives, and the small grey print on the back takes away. The main thing to keep in mind about a warranty is that it is a legal document that limits the way you can get redress for problems, it is NOT written for the benefit of consumers or to protect consumers, just the opposite.

    The big grey area is how the details of the warranty work, and most seem to place the installer or authorized dealer as the frontline contact. This is kind of tidy since it rolls installation errors into manufacturing defects for one stop shopping on getting it fixed. If you have problems with the installer, it can make slow going for you, since they are the middleman between you and the manufacturer. They decide if a problem is from a sloppy install or customer failed to have it serviced properly.

    Labor costs can also make a warranty worthless, another thread was just complaining about a coil replacement labor exceeding the units original cost.

    ******** point I am making is that picking a good installer means more than a lot of warranties do, but I still plan to get a few years of system parts and labor coverage.

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    Yes Doc coastal applications, papermills and I can't count the times it was the neighbors dog creating the "corrosive atmoshere" either.
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