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    I found out that my six year old furnace, a Goodman Manufacturing Model PGB024075-1 Rev. A, Serial 9907624619, has a blown out heat exchanger. And it's not blown out in only one spot, it's blown out in several spots. I can understand rust, or gradually wearing out over the years, but this is blown out. I was told it was covered by warranty, but, the install charge would be $XXX. Does that sound like someone you would like to do business with
    more than once? At $XXX every six years, I'm wondering if I wouldn't be ahead of the game to swap the whole unit out for a more reliable brand.

    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    I would bet the installation is what killed it and will kill the next one if not corrected regardless of brand.

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    Edit out those prices, can't post it here.

    Sounds nuts to me, what I call the "midas muffler" warranty where the labor covers what many other places charge for parts and labor. My furnace is just sitting in a closet, maybe yours in much harder to get to etc. More bids is my answer to price issues.

    I have heard that older Goodman low end units had some problems, but things are supposed to have improved since then. Depends on why it went bad too, maybe some installation issue etc.

    What does "blown out" mean?

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    when janitrol (goodman) tells you about the amazing warranties they forget to tell you the many times you will need the warranty and the labor and materials are not covered just the part.

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    There are hundreds of thousands of those small Goodman package units in operation with no problems. Evidently you have an issue with either overfiring or air flow or both. Find what has caused the problem first, fix that, then have a new heat exchanger installed.

    Is this furnace on LP gas?
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    Originally posted by airworx
    when janitrol (goodman) tells you about the amazing warranties they forget to tell you the many times you will need the warranty and the labor and materials are not covered just the part.
    What the OTHER brands don't tell you is that they usualy DON'T cover LABOR either...
    The reason janitrol needs a warrenty is UNCLE JOE doesn't know how to install furnaces properly and YOU want to blame the manufacturer.

    Don't switch brands, switch installers.....

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    ROBO has it. ask your company to please make sure to check temp. rise/firing rate and you'll probably get better service out of this one.
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    The warranty has been in your hands for 6 years now. The warranty by the MFG says if a part fails they will provide a replacement part. Doesnt sound unfair to me. However, if you want labor warranty, You have to work that out with the guy who does the labor. Not now though.

    Goodman used to have a sticker on the unit that said if you wanted labor warranty to call some number or ask your installing contractor for details which would have then directed the owner to a price for a labor policy. The key word is policy, not warranty. It is more of an insurance policy than a warranty.

    Robo is right though, odds are you have either an airflow problem or are overfiring (could be well head gas too). And in any of those cases, frankly those are not covered under warranty so if they are offering a HX, you better take it.

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