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    it's always easier to point our fingers at those who stand out as being different from our person definition of what "normal" means.
    Some refer to this practice as "Profiling" someone.

    Others call it predjudice.

    When taken to extremes, thought-wise, it is hate.
    When taken to physical ends, it is called murder.

    And even in our culture today, as liberal as we have fallen to ... hatred and murder are not viewed with acceptance.
    Especially when actions are expressed against any minority group.
    Animal, vegetable or mineral. (somewhere in there lies the human being)

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    My favorite Amish story was the Stolfuss brothers (or was it father and son and is everyone's last name Stolfuss??)scoring their cocaine from the local outlaw motorcycle gang. I think it was in SE Ohio or PA a few years ago. Now that I would've liked to have seen.

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    Originally posted by frozensolid
    Religious Freedom is the reason the U.S.A. exists. Live and let live, its the brotherly and American way.
    My family's religion is Roman Catholic. It goes back a long way. We have some strange traditions, ask Robotech. . I would say that I am not a strict Catholic but I am a practicing Catholic.

    I have raised my kids Catholic because my family has been Catholic for centuries. As I explain to my kids. You don't have to be Catholic. I did my part. I brought you to this point. You can break the chain (tradition) if you want to.

    All four adult kids still claim to be Catholic. Now the ball is in their court. Amen.

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    The wife and I always get a good laugh when we see a buggy go by and the guy is on his cell phone here in MI. The other day we were having lunch at the local pizza shop and an Amish guy comes in. My 4 year old twins had never met or seen an Amish person up close before so they are stunned at his appearance. My daughter asks my son what he is, and the boy replied, "I think he's a leprechaun"...Me and the wife almost needed the Heimlich we were choking and laughing so hard.

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    A Childs innocence.

    Hey el K, hows Baba Louie?
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    their just obnoxiousy ignorant to try and not embrace modern technology. I mean there are tribes still out there in the middle of the brazilian rain forest, who if they had the money, would by a plasma tv in a heartbeat.

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