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    Quote Originally Posted by hvaclover

    your kidding ..right?

    class 1 co2 is 30PPM moisture.
    To a point, yes, I'm kidding.

    I discussed moisture with my supplier during one of our earlier discussions on this. They didn't even have specifications for the CO2 that they sold.

    I don't see moisture, in the quantities that we're talking about, to be as big of an issue as a lot of people are making it to be.

    The system is open, so we're replacing the drier, AND pulling a deep vacuum.

    Where's the moisture going to be?

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    I put a moisture sight glass on all my 410A installs. My bone dry didn't affect a wet color change.

    How ever regular supply house co2 would saturate the LLFD and the pump would never get that out.

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