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    Quote Originally Posted by AStudent View Post
    Could be that the website says nothing about AC, only heating which implies that as a service tech you might only have a job during the cold parts of the year.
    Thats what i would gather from it. It looks to me that this company is PLUMBING& heating
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Enos View Post
    Thanks JPSmith1cm-

    So what would you suggest that a company that does both do? If they began as a plumbing & over the years added HVAC to their core business they would indeed be Plumbing & HVAC.

    -Karen Enos
    Quote Originally Posted by timebuilder View Post
    I would start a parallel company, and call it Algona HVAC, and make it clear that you will not be asked to dig up a septic line.....
    timebuilder's option seems to make sense.

    That said, I'm not really a business type, so I don't know what would be involved in doing that nor if it is even wise or feasible.

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    where im at in Minnesota if a company does both plumbing and HVAC, most of the time, the name includes "plumbing and heating". Maybe its a midwest thing... But I wouldn't even consider applying for a job that requires those certs and starts at $14/hr. That would be like getting a 4 year college education and then taking a job flipping burgers. There is a lot of time invested into getting a journeymens licence in HVAC and plumbing and i don't know why anyone would spend the time and go that far to take a job that pays that little. A job requiring those certs should be well into the 20s/hr range in my opinion.

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