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Turns out the problem was that the metering valve actuator was actually going out.
So that everyone reading along is on the same page...the metering valve actuator is what controls the butterfly valve (variable orifice) to maintain the level in the condenser. If the level in the condenser is not maintained it becomes increasingly difficult to supply liquid refrigerant to the TXV that is supposed to be controlling the oil temperature.

The high oil temperature was a symptom of another problem. As mechanics we need to be diligent in finding and treating the cause rather than the symptom. Even a casual look around the chiller while running one should have noted the subcooler wasn't flooded. No liquid stack, no liquid to feed the TXV.

I stand by my earlier statement regarding the service manuals. If you have been caring for these chillers for three years and do not have a service manual for the the Optiview panel at the VERY least, then IMO you are doing the customer and yourself a disservice. You need to read and understand the operation of the chiller and it's controls until it's second nature...that's what the customer is paying you for.