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    I am frustrated with the medical community right now. My nerologist just checks functions of general things, smell, cognition, motor and sutch. He refferes to an endocronologist for other brain chemicals and hormones. The endocronologist that I have has managed to stabolize my endocrine system but he goes no furthur than that. I have seen neuro psyciatrists, whitch are supposed to specialize in that very thing, brain receptor and chemical transmitters. I have had a hord time keeping one, my first one took a fellowship and split. The facility i am currently at doesnt employ one. I have sent an e-mail to another facility in Downers grove that employes one and many others that seem to specialize in mood dissorders and reproductive systems. I have high hopes I will find competant help there. I am currently looking for a nero endocronologist, that specializes a little more in the brains role in the endocrine system. I have heard that there is an endo psyciatris out ther but none of the doctors I have talked to said they knew anyone that had those credentials. For now, I am somewhat stable, depressive and mania but controlable through cognative behavioral control. I need to see a psycologist to deal with hate issues with women, and aniety from all of this as well as childhood trauma and conditioning from criminal elements of society. What the fuc# more is someone to do? I am handeling myself as best as can be expected, it's when someone like me STOPS talking that people should worry about. Thanks for your imput, I need others imput so I can clarify my judgment, because I have been acused of not having good judgment and so I take a democratic approch to thinking things through.

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    Yeah it really sounds like its going to take years to treat this. If it were me in your situation, I would be doing what you are now. Just keep looking at all different medical facilities and keep trying. If you are Bi-Polar, it takes atleast 10 years and 4 different doctors to appropriate diagnose someone with it. But just keep looking for good support groups and what not. Here are some numbers you can call....If you havent already.

    National Mental Health Association (800) 969-NMHA (6642

    American Social Health ASS 800-227-8922

    Also, look at the this site. Its a great hospital and clinic. Many people around the world come here for major help, for a last resrot, if all else fails. Its the best behavioral clinic care I know of. In my opinion, they're the best in the country.

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    Ever since I found this thread this morning, I have engaged my wife Susan, in a long and diversified discussion.

    For one, I disagree with what someone posted about our brains be "programed" during the ages of 1 thru 4. I also disagree that it is during that period that we only begin to develope feelings of love and all.

    In reality, it is proven that our brains are already developed in those areas prior to exit from the womb!!!

    For example, it is proven that a baby recognises and responds to the voices they have "experienced" prior to birth. This is whenever they hear their Mother or Dad's voice when they are in the craddle.

    I will not attribute a persons "normalcy" by them "manning up".
    When a person chooses to act right, it is part due to conditioning by the positive elements in society. And part due to his own heart condition.

    A person with the committment to act rightly will usually choose to do so whether or not their actions are seen by other people or not.
    In other words, if we find a wallet with money inside and no body is looking ... will we seek to return it to the owner or keep it for ourselves?
    A person who simply claims they do no wrong, they probably would keep the wallet. Providing they would most likely get away with the crime. Especially if they perceived it would be of personal value to themselves.
    Whereas a moral person would not want to keep the wallet, for any reason. They would go to extremes to have it restored to the rightful owner.

    As ar as conditioning from a criminal element goes ... I myself was influenced so.
    Last year when Katrina hit, I experienced an overwhelming urge to buy and practice with a "Family Arsenal" of my own choosing.
    I wanted to purchase three riot shot guns, three deer rifles and have a box of handguns.
    Then I wanted to spend time at the range with my family in order to get intimately aquainted with all of them.

    (some hospital staff in New Orleans had just been held captive and sexually assaulted by looters)

    So ... YES, I can become influenced or persuaded... by people who are of criminal intent.

    There is no doubting the evidence that we do have sickness in our human bodies. But no matter how sick we get or how much pain we experience, we do have some level of control over how we come across to others and how we interact with them.

    I will spare you what "women" have "done to me". Suffice to say that I have experienced more than my fair share of lies, abuse & trauma.

    Was my intentions with any of them less than I should have acted? In other words: should I have responded differently than I did in any of scenarios I interacted with them?


    Do I have the right to hate any one of them for what part they played? Not really.
    Did they ever do wrong? Yes, at times they did.

    But do I hate women today because of their isolated acts? No, I do NOT!

    I may not agree with everyone I meet, but I dont choose to hate them.
    It's a conscious choice and effort I make, on my part, in order to do what I believe is right living in this world.

    As far as meds, I drink coffee and sodas.
    As for addictions, I like sex, this site, massage, fishing, reading books, kissing, having my back scratched, riding my bicycle, hiking, the Net, .... spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, attending church meetings, home Bible study, working on problems, brainstorming, ...(not necessarily in this order)

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    For one, I disagree with what someone posted about our brains be "programed" during t

    For one, I disagree with what someone posted about our brains be "programed" during the ages of 1 thru 4. I also disagree that it is during that period that we only begin to develope feelings of love and all.

    Not to be rude or disrespectful one bit, but that there, what I wrote, isnt a opinion of mine or up for discussion. Its is nothing but factual, and has all the support in the world by every clinical M.D, Psychiatrist and psychologist. It is the number one thing you learn about the human mind in medical school, you can affirm this with any doctor on the planet, and he/she will tell you this. It is not negotiable. There is a HUGE gap between chemical disorders and psychological disorders, which it seems, no one can grasp one bit! You have to study neurosis of the brain to understand any of this, which is why peoples opinion are always very off and dangerous at times. It is not something I take lightly, Im very involved with 13 people right now at the hospital who are seriously clinical ill and I take that responsibility with my life. So im very defensive with people who show these types of disorders who are thrown to the side and told to deal with it . Im sorry R12 if I offended you or anyone else, but I am to involved with this situation because I care for people like John everyday, and will not let negligence rear its ugly head towards him. But most people will never understand what Im saying. John, Ill keep praying for you and if you need more support, I have personal Doctor friends of mine that will try to help, if you need it.


    God Bless all of you.

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    I am no medical expert. Not even qualified to either say yay or nay as to whether John here has any issues or not.

    But it just is plain simple to me that, some of his recoginition of some of his issues, like the antics he sees himself doing because of his anti social tendencies, depression, self esteem.

    This is pure bull$hit to me. You can't be helped if your unwilling to help yourself. I have met John. I beleive there is with in him the ability to do much of the work to make himself better. The actual chemical deficiencies that have effected his biological being, those are real issues, but they don't all combine for this pity party.

    He holds others and god accountable for his medical conidtions. It's like a "feel sorry for me" syndrome.

    I can't see how someone can recognise, be completely coherent and fully aware of there condiition yet act on it anyway, with out some discipline and some sort of responsibility toi themselves.

    Thats like, knowing, your driving right into oncoming traffic, you know it, but your doing it anyway, cause well, your wanting to check out. You at that point have simply given up on being responsible for your actions. Your victimizing yourself.

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