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Thread: Rapid recovery

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    Rapid recovery

    Has any one ever used a company by the name of rapid recovery to remove refrigerant or there recovery bottle services?

    I am here:

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    Use them all the time. I do not have the equipment, time, and money to suck down and store big systems during repairs.

    In May used them for the following:

    10 story building, system on roof, needed entire charge removed for compressor replacement and system over-haul. RR (Rapid Recovery) pulled hoses up onto roof, pulled 400 pounds of R22 and stored it on site.

    Refrigeration system repair, RR removed 700 pounds of R402C and stored on site.

    Chiller at bank building, pulled and stored 900 pounds of R22 for system upgrades, TXV replacement, and leak repairs.

    Demolition job, requested to remove refrigerant from 23 RTU units all about 10 ton or larger before building bulldozed. Walked job with RR given quote, added my mark-up to that quote and sold the job. Did not even lift a tool and made money while RR did all the work and stickered the units verifying proper reclamation process.

    We have three 100 pound recovery tanks in the back that our techs push/pull any recovered R22 into. RR comes by monthly or as necessary to change out tanks. Once weighed they cut us a check for the R22. Other refrigerants do cost a fee per pound for disposal, but that is already covered under disposal fees charged to the customer. We take RR fee per pound, add 25% to that and this is what we charge the customer. On the other hand..any system over 20 pounds of R22, we reimburse our customer half of the buy back price.

    The main company and manufacturing of their specialized recovery machines is in Peoria, Arizona. I have become good friends with the part owner in the franchise here in Utah, he has been there for me when the true sh!@# has hit the fan. I had a call from a ice cream plant around 9pm at night last fall stating temp alarms are going off. Raced to site to find a serious rub through leak on the end of a condenser tubing. Tried to pull down system into receiver, but receiver king valve stripped and would not close. Losing refrigerant and need to get system up. Called RR and my man was there in an half hour another 15 minutes later system was being sucked down..I was off to the supply house for after hour opening to get refrigerant. Got back with refer, system sucked down, and I went to work. My franchise here is awesome....hope your is, too.

    RR services are not worth your while in cute residential or small rtu stuff, simple recovery machine and tank can do those jobs easy breezy. Its the big stuff that RR saves me the time and money on.

    Here is a pic of my guy on that refrigeration system earlier this month.

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