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Thread: Garbage install

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    Lol ya its an 11, on a 3/4 non oxy barrier, but in reality it might as well be 1/2 since ID is the same. Must have had it leftover I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joehvac25 View Post
    He wants me to repipe it so he can sell the house, he's one of them people with money with a big mouth, the other guy isn't capable of even doing it right. He makes the hacks around here look like they do quality work. I'd bet he wont have me do it, to cheap.
    He already got hosed (no pun intended) by going cheap. He's gonna take that risk again!
    Can't fix stupid.
    We're awl pawthetic and kweepy and can't get giwrls. That's why we fight wobots.

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