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    We have a small commercial building with three floors and I have a tenant that is constantly complaining that they are warm. They are one of several tenants on the floor in which one rooftop takes care of everyone. No one else complains of the temperatures. There are numerous windows and the complaints seem to come on really hot days. I am trying to get a chart or industry standard which identifies what are acceptable temperature ranges for commercial buildings. Also, if it is an extremely hot day how does outside temperature relate to cooling levels. Any documentation or standards would be helpful. Thanks

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    You may want to move this over to the Commercial forum.. not much traffic in IAQ.

    It's entirely possible that this one tenant (or one vocal person in that office) just likes it cold, or that they could benefit from some window shades. I assume that this is a zoned system and they have control of the temperature in their space? How warm is it when they complain? What do they set the thermostat to?

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    there's one in every building. The state of connecticut mandate was 78 degrees in state buildings. It may still be, but I would check with your state DCP.

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