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    On the Dillydap

    First of all I cannot tell you how many thousands of dollars I have doled out to my bro and sis's this year. Both of my sisters are hard working and have decent families and just need help from time to time so I dont mind "loaning" them money when they get in a bind.

    My brother has destroyed his business and I believe its a combination of prescription drugs and drinking. His wife wont work, he supports his daughter and her husband who wont work...and who both are druggies....and their kids...who are not druggies....

    I just gave him 3 grand last week..... think of the work I had to do to make that money.... and this is getting to be a regular thing.....

    Im getting sick of it. I get up and go to work each day and come home broken down and have to work around the house and do other things and then get back up the next morning in pain and do it all over again......

    Anyhow.... I have a nephew...two nephews though one is not an issue right now because he is in jail for stabbing

    This other nephew is a prescription pill head, never worked a day in his life....he is 26...... has robbed our home before..... got most of my guns, jewelry, stole the damn paper shredder...... 20 plus years of change I had in coffee cans in my workshop....

    He stole all my moms jewelry after she died........

    So anyhow..... I get up this morning and taped to the kitchen door is a note begging me for money. I get these notes once or twice a week with an envelope to put money in and a thumb tack to tack it to the door so this waste of life can sneak back by and get it.

    He comes by in the middle of the night to either steal my lawnmower gas....he actually stole my weedeater gas last week....2 cycle....for his car...

    But anyhow... this is some of the sh*t I must put up with on a daily basis.

    The note.
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    Look at that note. This is a 26 year old man. I think he is on drugs because some of his other notes he leaves are a little more legible.

    Basicly he is asking for some money to get some skoal and gas to go to the graveyard near the airport and do something.

    I will be buying/burying ??? something I am supposed to picu up something wed but may just end up ????????? on them.

    He wrote thank you in japanese, he doesnt know japanese so I would imagine he just looked that up on the net for some reason... its odd that its more legible than what he wrote in english......

    What I have been doing lately is leaving notes back to him on his envelope that he leaves. Notes like "Get a job ni***r", Get a job you go***mn sack of sh*t. "Please dont break into our house again". "Quit stealing from your family"

    Yet... he always returns...... to steal gas and to leave these notes begging for money.

    When my mom was alive and she had alzheimers he some how managed to get hold of her checkbook and drained her and my fathers bank account, he also ran up 15k in credit card bills on my mom before the family found out.

    Im going to use "Get a job you go***mn ni***r parasite"

    Without the asterisks.....

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    it's about time!

    put a stop to the siphon, if you really want to help them.......make them get some help with their demons
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    That's some heavy load you have to carry around. Best of Luck in dealing with it. Unfortunately any advice I could offer would probably lan you in deep sh!t with the law

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    Your relatives have problems but you have a larger one.
    What have all your rescues accomplished? They managed to keep your relatives addicts.
    You need to find why you harbor a compulsion to save these people.
    Responsibility cures addiction. Their addiction and yours.
    What's responsible? When someone steals from someone, they get arrested rather than be allowed to victimize others.
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    STOP NOW . your relatives are manipulating you so as they can continue on there life style , YOU are enabling them so as they can continue with there lifestyle , they need to face there active addiction and seek help , enabling an addict is not the answer . take care

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    I would get a personal order of protection, so if he comes anywhere near you or your home he can be arrested.

    I would keep all valuables in a nice safe.

    Judging by the writing, that is one phuked up individual. Makes no sense at all to deal with this kind of person or to have them anywhere around your life...I don't care if they are family.

    Anyone or anything that is not a positive influence stay away from...thats my motto...and it includes family.

    Good luck!
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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    I don't mind helping someone who is trying to help themselves, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I would cease and desist.........
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

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