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The link was just the first one that came up but we know there are numerous articles on both sides. I've also read and seen interviews of Parliament members denouncing social healthcare and saying that the horror stories we here concerning availability and treatment are true. Are they? How often does it happen? Why would high ranking govt officials from Canada and UK warn the US not to use social medicine?

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As with you guys we have people who are ideologically driven on both sides. For some it is all or nothing, some play the game for political purpose, it is easy to throw stones, especially if you are not the ones in power and you do not have to pay the bills.

Another thing that I have said here in the past, our country went through a financial crisis in the mid 90's where the government cut spending to cut our debt in half. No body was spared with health care spending taking a big hit laying off nurses, cutting doctors salaries, all the support staff also. We have been playing catch-up since then and have done a lot to make up for the tough choices the politicians made to get the country out of debt.

Just in the hospital complex that I work at we have had non stop construction and upgrades since before I started working there. Currently we have four buildings under construction with a total cost of half a billion dollars going up.

There will always be horror stories, we had a guy die in the emergency waiting room a couple of years ago and it is still being investigated. Stuff happens. Wait time are part of the system. Not everyone needs to have a procedure done the next day but the ones that do need it sooner get it done right away. The funny thing that they found out about providing more services to reduce the wait times, the more you work at reducing them by adding the number of procedures (such as a MRI), the more doctors proscribe them.

In case you are interested, some wait times for my province.


The times are an average, some get shorter waits and some longer. Another thing that I found doctors do is put a patient on a couple of lists, there are different lists for each hospital and you can choose which one you want to go to, so there is shopping around to get the health professional you want doing the procedure. Some people wait longer on one list so they specifically get a certain physician. others put their name on more than one list in order to get faster service in case there is a cancellation somewhere and they can get in early.

We were backed up with MRI's at my hospital and we poured a pad and supplied electrical for a mobile MRI that you have running around your country that we rented for a few months.

Do politicians try to make hay when there is a problem? Sure do. But that is a good thing because then the ones in charge have to do something to get the heat off themselves. It is our way of accountability. It is better than hiding problems.