Just graduated tech school and went on my first service call after a week with another technician. The complaint was a Manitowoc ice machine was tripping the breakers. I checked supply voltage at the breaker, visibly inspected the wiring for anything obvious and started the machine. It made two batches of ice just fine. The only thing weird was the amp draw was jumping between 7.7 and 9.5 amps, constantly the whole time, no matter where the machine was in the cycle. I suspected something was wrong with my amp clamp, so I tested it on another piece of equipment and it read a steady amp draw. I don't ever remember anyone saying anything about an erratic amp draw like that in school. I called one of our senior techs. He just asked if the readings were within range, which they were. He said "call it good." What could I have done different? Did I just happen to miss that day in school when they talked about strange amp draws?