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    Had a salesman come in the other day and sell me these torch tips called "the hook" said they would heat the pipe evenly around the pipe. Tried the large one but keeps blowing the flame out on a 7/8 line. Not sure if I am doing it correctly. oxy @ 25 acet @ 7-8. Not all the orfices blow out but seems to be the end one, 4 on the lg. one and three on the samller one. Anyone else use this and how does it work for you?
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    turn your oxygen down to about 12-15.

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    I used uniweld's captin hook....worked ok...not realy great...emptys a take quick fast and in a hurry

    Im a newbe....and I found with the hook, I did not better and no worse job than I do with a single flame tip...sometimes 1 or more holes lose their flame and it can be a pain relighting them....also when a newbe will from time to make the torch "pop"...with the hook you get a series of pops like a string of will get the old timers hart rate up...and they will come see what the new guy done when and blew up

    Bottom line other than some very special situations I realy see no advantage to this product....but thats just me.

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    they need to make a "hook" torch tip which works from 1/4" up to 7/8". I would like that. Cause that serves most of our general lite commercial/ residential work.

    I have only used the little hook. I like it.

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