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    Quote Originally Posted by ncboston View Post
    When the boss is in a hurry or he/she proposes an unsafe method of performing a task, don't be afraid to speak up and voice your concerns, and you actually have the right to refuse doing the work if you deem it unsafe.
    Yes, that pesky boss man who is just looking at the bottom line. I might have to remind him that an injured worker is not worth a workman's comp claim.

    The lady that hired me did not even mention my age. I had a whole bunch of defenses all worked up if that became an issue, but did not need them.

    Thanks, for the advice I will keep it in mind !

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    I am not sold on how great we have it................................................ ...........................................

    most of the companies I have delt with, have done their best to get the best outta me for very little money.. I have lost jobs to piece of **** wages from men who have been doing HVAC for almost 30 years, so ahem what????

    I live in a small town, and know most of the business owners.. screw the installing, and the service, I am carrying around a clip board these days.. LOL

    I am sure you don't get it...

    I have seen actually seen people MEN, scew me over for 15 dollars an hour... Unless your ready for people that look you in the eye, and smile at you and say I am your friend, you are not ready for HVAC... You cannot trust anyone is this trade.. If its not your women, they are after its your job...


    HVAC is one of the most screwed up traded then any...

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