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    insulation in blower compartment

    I recently opened the access panel to the blower compartment in G50 UH-36 A-070-10 lennox furnace to see how dirty it was. It had dirt everywhere and when I touched the insulation it is crumbling off and probably getting into the blower and air. My question is whether I need to have this replaced or if I can just have it removed. The insulation looks like 1/4" black fiberglass fabric of some kind.

    The unit is hooked up to a 3 ton coil and is located in a semi-conditioned attic space. I'm worried that without the insulation, condensation could be a problem, though it doesn't get very hot up there with the attic being foamed in and sealed. I'm also worried that the furnace will cause it to get too hot, or that if I do have the insulation replace, it would be a fire hazard.

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    You need to find the reason for dirt and dust in blower compartment. Where and what type of filter do you have ? Is ductwork sealed really well? Especially look at the return air side of system as that is where dust is entering. If inside of furnace is dirty you can bet the indoor A coil is matted with dirt also. Need this system evaluated by a professional.

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    Yes, the return is very leaky and I am getting quotes as to how to take care of that. There is one filter at the entrance to the one central return downstairs and it is a 1" filter.

    The contractor that installed my spray foam cleaned the AC coils last fall. He said they were very dirty. I just want to get an idea of exactly what I need done because everyone seems to have a different opinion.

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