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    Hi folks,

    Just started to do my preliminay research, and came across your informative, and sometimes entertaining group....

    I live in a Townhouse in NJ, and currently both my furnace and a/c are running, as they have been for 16+ years.

    However, I just installed a small patio next to my deck, which my wife and I are trying to enjoy. Unfortunately, every time the compressor kicks on, we have to interupt our conversation for a few minutes until it completes its it's very loud. I've decided to consider a new unit (quieter), and obviously would want to consider better efficiency as a primary goal. Although I don't like to spend $$ needlessly, I will spend it to make an improvment, even if the unit isn't yet broken. My current setup hasn't been touched since it was installed in 1989.

    Heat: York P3UGD12N008001A (80,000 BTU)
    A/C: York M2UF032AA (2ton -- I think)

    My questions:
    1) Has the efficiency improved over my current 16 y/o units, to give a possible 20% better efficiency in electricity/gas (trying to get 5yr. ROI)?

    2) Given my location (NW/NJ), is a variable rate or 2-stage system an advantage? Note that we both work from home, so a consistent temperature is desireable, as we don't have the energy peaks associated with 9-5 couples.

    Any thoughts, experiences or ballpark assumptions are greatly appreciated.


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    If it ain't broke don't fix it. You will save money but your retuen on investment may scare you. Can you put up a sound barrier wall with enough room to allow ventilation.

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    Originally posted by biker128pedal
    If it ain't broke don't fix it. You will save money but your retuen on investment may scare you. Can you put up a sound barrier wall with enough room to allow ventilation.
    Bad advice. It may be "broke" but you as a consumer don't know it. It could be wasting you lots of money, not delivering clean air, and could be potentially a hazard. Have a pro come out ASAP to, at the least, look the system over and give you a good recommendation on what to do in your situation.

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    It looks like you have a 2 1/2 ton A/C by the numbers. In order to get quiet, you have to go with a higher end unit. They all have sound ratings. The guys on here that are familiar with them can direct you better than myself. However, in NJ, heat is your primary $$$ not A/C. If you choose to go new, look into a 90+ efficiency heat source, with a lower seer(13+) quiet a/c. JMO.

    You can try a sound blanket on your current unit.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    If you decide to install a new system it would be a good time to consider moving the condenser to a less troublesome location from a noise point of view. The incremental cost may not be that much higher.

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    burlington county n.j.
    the average townhouse i have seen, were the unit is is the only place for it. as far as noise the higher end units are quieter. with pse&g getting 12% rate increase on electric june1 high efficiency equip looks better every day. call a few contractors in your area and get some ideas from them.

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    Just get the minimum 13 seer and you would do a lot better, but you have to change the coil also.............

    If you want you could also change to a high efficiency furnace and that sound like it would be a home run.......................... You will be all updated for the next 12 years...........

    so where in NJ are you , i will asume off rt 78 ............

    i am in linden

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    lennox is the quietest trane is best quality, 2 speed trane 19I ac with 90% furnace is the answer. you get what you pay for.

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    If you're planning to stay in the house for some years, get a new one with efficiency that can give a good payback. Most AC nowadays are more efficient and quiet compared to your old one.

    Otherwise, get the AC repaired, and put a sound barrier for the condenser.


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    Lots of good advice here, and opinions.....
    My additional research also added some other niceties to the equation, such as a rebate from my power company, if I install a more efficient hvac unit.

    Based on the limited amount of cost$$ data (for the units and the install labor) available, I really can't make a good decision yet, but I think I have all of the other data that I need to do an intelligent cost analysis. Based on a ballpark of $4K for the unit, plus 1-day labor, it looks to be about 5-years before payback (assuming a 20% efficiency improvment).

    We're probably only going to be here for another 2 years, but with the price of energy going up, I'm confident that it would be a selling point to have a fairly new system, and one that is much more efficient than my neighbors. Besides, I'd rather get the opportunity to enjoy an upgraded system for a while, before I leave it behind....

    So, I guess that my next task is to get a few quotes from some trusted local contractors....? At the very least, I'll get a handle for what it's really going to cost.

    Thanks much.


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