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    Hot water boiler repair

    I have a baseboard leak on an elbow in the basement, that is slowly dripping, does anyone know a way that this can be fixed without draining the water. I tried that marine tape around the pipe and thought it had worked but apparently not, it would be a problem to get all the water out of the system, I can only see the pipe going into the baseboard and the elbow on it, tried that plumbers epoxy as well to no avail.
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    If the pipe is copper and it is a brazed joint, you'll need a heating specialist or plumber to repair the leak.

    If the pipe is galvanized metal or steel, it may be a threaded connection that is leaking. You can try tightening it, but you do so at your own risk. Nobody here has any idea how old your piping is, and can't determine if it will withstand being tightened up or not.

    If the leak is in the middle of the pipe, away from any form of joint or connection, you have no choice but to get it repaired by a pro. This should be your plan of action regardless of where the leak is.
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    Ditto Shophound's reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvac wiz 79 View Post
    "Better tell the sandman to stay away, because we're gonna be workin on this one all night."

    "Dude, you need more than 2 wires to a condenser to run a 2 stage heatpump."

    "Just get it done son."

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