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    I have a 3.5 ton SEER10 Goodman gas electric packaged unit in my 5 year old home. The AC section lost practically all of its freon. The original installing contractor came out and cleaned the AC coils then recharged the unit but I have no idea how long it may take for the freon to leak out again. He used a sniffer and the long, flat coil is leaking freon. I plan on moving to a larger home within the next three years so that intent effects which way I go. In my previous homes, I used to recharge the AC until it got too frequent before replacing parts or the the whole unit. I have a quote to replace the leaking coil assembly which is less than 1/4 the cost to replace the whole unit. As an aside, the heat exchangers are still good but the compressor makes a minor high pitched metalic sound while running.

    Should I repair or replace the leaking coil (and can that be done reliably at my home) or just go for it and replace the entire unit with a new SEER13 model? Obviously, if the compressor goes out after a repair job then I made a poor choice going the repair direction. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Goodman....any reason to get rid of a goodman is a good reason. Go with something a little more reputable, Trane, Carrier, York, etc. If the tech you have is just adding r22 to a leaker, try a new tech. if the leak is is the tubes behind the fins, then your best bet is to change the whole thing. Don't wait until you are selling the home either. Do it now so you can enjoy some reliable cooling until you sell the place.
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    There is nothing wrong with Goodman except techs that dont install them correctly ive installed goodman for along time and have had just

    as much trouble with American Standard and Rheem units 50% of a units lifespan is in proper install IMHO

    alot of the problems ive run into are unlicensed contractors who could give a crap less about installing units properly

    Other than there old cheeseball stack fan relay that they

    got rid of

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    On a 5 year old system the parts may be under warranty, all you pay is the labor. If you're planning on moving, I'd consider this option.
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    Red face Repair & add TXV

    Change the coil and see if a newer designed coil can be installed in the unit,or a TXV can be added..

    If the unit compressor is working then you are spending money to your existing seer rating and you will not see much savings,but if you want to decrease the amount that you pay every month in energy cost then replace the package system unit to higher S.E.E.R...

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    For peace of mind reasons and a reasonable price, I have decided to go with a Trane. Two models seem to fit my application: the XB13C and the XL13C. I notice that both appear to have similar components but the XL13C has a 10 year limited warranty on the compressor and coils vs. 5 years on the XB13C. Likewise, the heat exchanger warranty for the XL13C is twice that of the XB13C. Is the XL13C using better components and is it worth the higher price?

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