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    if the balancer gets in there first he will reverse the disconnect for the supply fan to do his air balancing and walk away.if the paint isn't melted off the top of the hi side your good.had Trane-command air ceiling units and the balancer did his trick to balence and blew out the scroll compressor terminals on 10 out of 15 units...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas Duster View Post
    You are probably right but how would they ever know?
    on some compressors you can tell by the paper the label is made of. When it gets too hot the label turns brown. I know that is true on some Lennox units. When they see that it can void the warranty.

    Went out to pm location that was installed in the winter and 6 of 13 units were running backwards. after cooling off all worked fine but as somone said time will tell.

    Also on a Lennox the variable speed drive for the blower will self correct for wrong phase. This will cause trouble for the lazy tech who checks proper phase by blower rotation and does not check the compressors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hands View Post
    So was the blower also running backwards or was the compressor wired wrong from the factory?
    Blower was single phase running fine. I dont think comp was wired incorrectly. Unit never started up to check rotation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by commtech77 View Post
    Sure they will.

    You didnt wire it in wrong and what Carrier doesnt know wont hurt them. Your customer comes first.
    First off, MFR's are strict on taking back compressors. Once they hook it up at the factory and test it and find nothing wrong, since he changed it before it failed, Carrier will foot him the bill for the new compressor.
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    I had this to happen to Carrier RTU HP in 1998 when the power company changed out a transformer. The unit ran for several days in that condition and after corrected it is still in use today. Hope you have the same luck.

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    Plant maintenance guy was probably in the main adding or changing a circuit and swapped phases to your unit? If scroll was only 3 phase in package unit, this could go unnoticed until cooling season.

    If you ask the guy he will likely do a Sgt Schultz on ya. (I know nothiiiiiing)

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