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    anybody using a jobsite radio. i am intrested in buying the milwaukee radio

    i have a big new construction job coming up putting in walk cooler in a mfg plant so its gonna be a long job and want some music while i work. anybody using this radio is it any good

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    I have a dewalt radio. It charges the batteries when it is plugged in. It also has outlets on the side. It is a little more money then the millwaukee but great if you have any dewalt tools. Love it,can not work without it.
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    A buddy of mine loves his Milwaukee. He likes the way that one sounds over the others. He literally bought every job site radio there is and tried them lol. A few he took back, I bought the Dewalt like Jnsrose is talking about. That leaves him with 3 or 4 radios at home lol. I personally didn't think there is that much of a sound difference but to each his own. I think you will be happy with the Milwaukee if you decide to go that route.

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    I have a Bosch radio. Have been pleased with it even though I dont use Bosch drills. I got it as a gift. If I were to buy one, I would buy whatever brand battery tools you use. I think they all charge batteries.

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    I have the Milwaukee, and the Makita. The Milwaukee is sweet it uses Rockford Fosgate speakers in it, is very loud, has a cig lighter input, and does charge some batteries but not the lithium ones I have. The Makita is not as loud, does not charge batteries, and is better for close range lower vol. Both have aux inputs.

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