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    two stage HP with older zone system

    I am thinking about upgrading my 10 SEER single stage HP system to a 20 SEER Trane unit. The question I have is will I need to replace the tstats and /or zone system if I upgrade to a 2 stage system. The zone system is a Honeywell EMM-3U with 2 T8011R tstats. The house was built in "05
    Home info. I live in NE Florida and have a 2155 sq ft house with bonus room. Bonus room has the other tstat. The rest of the house is controlled by the other tstat.

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    thanks.. that is kinda what I thought....thanks for the conformation

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    will I have an issue with newer tstats with this older zone system?

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    Trane has avery nice zone system to work with the communcating 20i

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    Trane has avery nice zone system to work with the communcating 20i
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