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    Trane Commercial Thermostat

    I need the manual for a Trane commercial thermostat that is almost the same as Trane PLM # X13511537-01 or Trane #BATSTAT150A

    The Trane web site does not have any info for this 2011 Thermostat?

    It is programmable, has 1-22 options not the 1-18 the Trane web site shows, it also has the configuration button on the bottom, not inside like the Web site shows.

    The trane web site claims a programmable Therm has options 0100-0300 but this one is programmable with options #1-22 only

    Anyone run into one of these?

    PZ2 Therm?

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    Call your local Trane sales office and ask them to email the IOM for your model sensor.

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    Try BAS-SVX17B-EN.
    I can e-mail it to you if you can't find it. That may be the one you are looking for.

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