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    Yeah we had a customer that had one evap fan motor out for over a year, didn't get changed until we replaced the whole evaporator ass'y, because that fan was against a wall. Sometimes though, you can just unmount the evap ass'y and there is enough play to bend it sideways enough to access the other side without cutting the refrigeration lines. I actually like those Delfield evaporator assemblies, really easy to swap out once they start leaking, which is usually 5 to 7 years in my experience.

    Seen this has happened multiple times: First tech goes out, replace t-stat. A month later, next tech goes out replace powerhead. A month later, next tech goes out, its out of refrigerant and replace the entire assembly (we rarely rebuild them, usually replace the whole assembly).

    But dang, those Delfield mullion evaporator units just work great. Great airflow, they always pull down to low 30's, and really never freeze up (assuming all fans, refrigeration, tstat etc, working properly.) They pull the box down FAST. That's what I love about them. The wrapped cold rails also work great in my experience.

    On the other hand, the 4400 series evaporator / cap tube, those style Delfields are very light duty and I am not a fan, especially on the open top design, they pretty much never hold temp properly especially in the pans; with only a single evaporator fan they just frost up continuously throughout the day and food gets warm, until it finally goes through a defrost, then it works until the first time they open a door or something, then its warm again the rest of the day. SLOOOOW to pull down, can't keep up with heavy usage or ambient > 78*f on the open top design.

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    Changed out a complete prep table set up once. Has dual evaps running 2 2 door under counter cooler compartments with pans on top on each side. Also has a bread warmer and hot water pan section between the 2 cooler sections. Used a common water cooled condensing unit mounted in the middle. Spent a LOT of time fixing leaks that had to be done after closing time before being able to change all the refrigeration. Was ok for about 4 years after the retro then all the salad dressings etc. started kicking the snot out of the aluminum fins/copper again. Coated coils helped a little but the sauces and dressings must be pretty strong in this place. Makes you wonder what happens to your insides when you eat in any steak house.
    It's sure nice to engineer and install the whole system instead of the one piece at a time. Make and model number was nowhere to be found on original

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    I feel your pain!

    This is the exact reason I did and believe that any design engineer should be required to work in the field for 5-10 yrs before sitting in front of the computer and opening (insert your favorite design/cad program here)! Most of the design engineers I have met/talked to have no clue as to what Techs go through after the fact. I finished school for refrigeration design worked for a chiller company for 4 yrs then went into residential/commercial service work for 5 yrs before I even decided to pursue my current career in design for the company I currently am working for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny View Post
    Now, if there ever were a case for making the design engineer work on his creation....

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    Randal likes to use those same style evaps. PIA if you ask me. Not near enough room in there, and I have seen several where the TEV powerhead rusts through due to sitting in water all the time.
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