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    Evergreen ECM

    I just attended a seminar on the evergreen line of ECM motors. The evergreen is a direct drop in replacement for PSC blower motors. They cannot be used as replacements for OEM ECM's.

    Has anyone had any experience using and installing them? They are good for direct drive 5 ton units or less. There was a lot of "ra-ra buy our product" which can be expected from a manufacturers rep. I was having a hard time sifting through the hype and getting to the meat and potatoes of the motor.

    Do the cost savings advertised ACTUALLY materialize for the clients that purchase the more expensive drop in replacements, or do the savings only appear in ideal lab conditions? Some pretty significant savings were being touted on sample installs, but it kind of seemed like he was pulling some of the numbers out of the air.

    Any experiences or opinions on the subject would be appreciated.


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