We have an NH3 350 HP. FES twin screw Model 19-L, Serial 19L96-V. The compressor will dump its oil from time to time. Generally if the suction gets low and the head pressure stays about or above normal. (Any thing below 20 on the low side and 150 or higher on the high side) we will also see problems if the head gets to high 180 and up, and the suction stays about normal (28-32). We have talked to numerous people who all say the same thing it is a "Design flaw" Basically they are telling us the way the compressor was built and set up the oil seperator (large tube under the motor and compressor) where the coilecent filters are is to small for the size of compressor. My question is, has any one ever seen this before, if so is there ANYTHING at all that we can do besides get a new compressor. We are currently in the process of replacing two compressors as it is and would like to keep this one if at all possible. For now, the option that we are going to look at is a low and high shut down so we can unload the compressor before it pukes all of its oil out. (When it decides to do so this happens within seconds and it is all gone.) Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!