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Thread: High humidity

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    Building RH% was 70 today. Crown molding is warped all the way down the hall. I checked the RH% from supply register== 68% Opened AHU Found H20 is puddled in pan. this is a Trane AHU 100% outdoor air return. They designed it so that the drain is below the blower in the floor of the unit. Over time (12 years) the floor has lost the slope to the drain (rust, corrosion,etc...) Replacing the pan is not an option, Since it is the actual floor of the unit. So i guess my question is, has anyone ever used a self leveling compound like Pancrete to solve a problem similar to this?>


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    Talking product for drain pans

    Check out they make a product for drain pans that is unbeatable. They also make an epoxy coating for cooling towers etc.

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