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Thread: Fuzzy Ears

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    Fuzzy Ears

    A woman takes her dog to the vet for his check-up.
    During the visit she mentions that he's getting older and seems to be having trouble hearing her when she calls him. The vet does his exam and then carefully trims away a large amount of hair that is blocking the dog's ears.

    "Ma'am, it's just that he has exceptionally furry ears and you'll need to keep them cleared so he can hear. I recommend that you go to the drug store and pick up some hair-removal cream, rub it on his ears every week or two and that should take care of it."

    So on the way home she stops at the drug store and grabs a jar of hair remover.

    At the check-out counter, the druggist says, "If you use this on your legs, I would recommend a good moisturizing lotion and don't wear long pants for a few days."

    "Oh," she says, "I'm not using it on my legs"

    "Well in that case, you should not use any deodorant under your arms for a couple of days afterward."

    "I'm not using it on my under-arms either" she says, "I'm putting it on my schnauzer"

    "Ah!" says the clerk,"then I would recommend you stay off the exercise bike for at least a week."

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    never heard that one, thats good.
    luck dan

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