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    Model R Trane Compressor Top-End

    How difficult is it to do a top-end on a Trane Model R Compressor in the field ?
    Estimate on Parts ?
    How many hours to complete on average ?
    Compressor is tripping off on motor winding temperature. Discharge Line temp is running 375 .Suspecting broken valves in the compressor. I have replaced a broken Rod on a Trane E compressor,but never tore-into a Model R before. What can I expect?
    Does the Model R have the giant springs in the head of the compressor?

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    Did you rule out all other possibilities ? How about some pressure readings,type of refrigerant etc.

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    What is your compression ratio?

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    I wouldn't do a top end without taking a peek in the bottom also. Just to CYA, check for broken rods, plugged oil screen... etc.. I would say a couple days, unless site conditions and access are perfect, then maybe a day of bustin A**. But then when you start bustin A**, thats when you miss something that bites you later. Then you have a busted A**, and one with a big bite out if it!! Oh, and YES, big springs! Don't want Trane permanently imprinted on forehead....
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