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    At least the installer put them with the correct airflow section up like air filters. On an other note I have window shakers, its old, small and paid for, never got around to install a central, my customers tell me that I probably have a super central system but I don't have the heart to tell them the truth, my brother has a sign shop but has no sign for his shop, my other brother is a mechanic and his car is always stalling everywhere, my oldest brother has a small car lot and is always asking for a ride he is too cheap to use his own gas from his lot of cars, btw they are all step brothers.

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    Ah another classic "goodman silencer" kit installed.

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    At least they set the blocks the right way, to minimize air blockage. With all that weight it wont be long before the sheet metal lid holding fan motor gives way and fan will most likely eat the coil. Ive seen it happen to goodmans with no extra weight on top, but blades could have been out of balance.

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